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Essential Soles Massage and Reflexology

What is Thai Herbal Hot Compress Massage?

Thai style with hot compress massage uses gentle pressure and compression to stimulate the internal organs, relax tense muscles, and calm the nervous system. Passive stretching adjusts the skeletal system, increases flexibility and restores movement. This treatment is ideal for those desiring deep relaxation, release from stress, enhanced flexibility and can help increase the level of health, well-being and vitality.

The herbal ball is essentially a blend of medicinal herbs wrapped in a cotton cloth and steamed to release the healing and aromatic properties of the herbs.  The warm ball is then taken and applied to the skin directly over the key energy lines of the body.  This process works to remove toxins, reduce inflammation, relieve muscle aches, increase circulation, clear congestion in the lungs, refresh the skin, as well as ease any remaining pain during and after a massage session.

The resulting effect is a uniquely relaxing, revitalizing and highly effective treatment. Sessions are personalized to meet the desired pressure of the client. They are performed on a massage table either draped or with the client wearing comfortable clothing such as biking shorts and a tank top.

There are many beneficial properties in the Herbal Compress. Traditionally they are used for certain conditions such as: 

  • To improve blood flow, circulation and the immune system
  • Relaxing and healing for strained muscles and tendons
  • To stimulate vital organs and senses
  • Decrease high blood pressure
  • To alleviate inflammation
  • Relieve congestion, bronchitis and chronic stress
  • To relax ones emotions and mind
  • To balance health during an illness
  • As a remedy for numbness

The client can take the herbal balls home with them and freeze them for future treatments.